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NPG Records is a record label that was owned by Prince and run by Trevor Guy. "NPG" is short for New Power Generation.

It was founded to release his music after Paisley Park Records was shut down by Warner Bros. Records in 1993.

Even though the 1994 compilation album "1-800-NEW-FUNK" featured several artists, NPG Records never developed into a full label like Paisley Park did and instead, it exclusively released Prince's albums or side-projects.


Prince releasesEdit

Year of release Album title Distributed by Released as
1994 The Beautiful Experience (EP) Bellmark/Life Records through Bellmark Records Prince
1995 The Gold Experience Warner Bros. Records Prince
1996 Emancipation EMI Prince
1997 NYC (EP) unknown Prince
1998 Crystal Ball NPG Records Prince
1998 The Truth NPG Records Prince
1999 1999: The New Master (EP) NPG Records Prince and The Revolution
1999 Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic Arista Records Prince
1999 Rave In2 the Joy Fantastic unknown Prince
2001 The Rainbow Children Redline Entertainment Prince
2002 One Nite Alone... NPG Music Club Prince
2002 One Nite Alone... Live! unknown Prince and The New Power Generation
2003 Xpectation NPG Music Club Prince
2003 C-Note NPG Music Club Prince
2003 N.E.W.S Big Daddy Music Distribution Prince
2004 Musicology Columbia Records Prince
2004 The Chocolate Invasion NPG Music Club Prince
2004 The Slaughterhouse NPG Music Club Prince
2006 3121 Universal Music Group Prince
2007 Planet Earth Columbia Records Prince
2008 Indigo Nights unknown Prince
2009 LOtUSFLOW3R / MPLSoUND Because Music Prince
2010 20Ten unknown Prince
2014 Plectrumelectrum Warner Bros. Records Prince and 3rdeyegirl
2014 Art Official Age Warner Bros. Records Prince
2015 Hit n Run Phase One Universal Prince
2015 Hit n Run Phase Two Tidal Prince

Other artistsEdit

Year of release Album title Distributed by Recording Artist
1993 Goldnigga unknown The New Power Generation
1994 1-800-NEW-FUNK Bellmark/Life Records through Bellmark Records Various Artists
1995 Exodus Edel The New Power Generation
1995 Drum Fever Edel Jacob Armen
1995 Child of the Sun Edel Mayte
1998 Kamasutra unknown The NPG Orchestra
1998 Newpower Soul BMG through RCA Records The New Power Generation
1998 Come 2 My House BMG Chaka Khan
1999 GCS 2000 BMG Graham Central Station
2009 Elixer
(released as part of LOtUSFLOW3R / MPLSoUND)
Because Music Bria Valente
2012 Superconductor unknown Andy Allo
2015 Back In Time Tidal Judith Hill
2015 Oui Can Luv Tidal Andy Allo featuring Prince
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